Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunny day in Chickaloon

Bill and I went for a day of snowshoeing from our cabin in Chickaloon up towards Castle Mountain which is about a 15 mile RT and over 2000 feet in elevation. We follow a horse trail and then a rodd for a mile, the rest of the way is a muddy summer trail, it was pretty good since at least one snowmachine had been on it. At the top there is an old hunter's cabin on a ridge but protected by alder bushes.Otherwise it would have been toughbraking trail from the old mining road another 3 miles of deep unbroken snow. The day couldn't have been more beautiful. I spent most of the time looking for animal tracks and taking lots of pictures. You sure wouldn't have to starve around here, lots of bunnies. We actually saw one, they are hard to spot since their winter coat is white. We saw a set of wolf tracks on the mountain the other day. We also found two moose beds where they felt pretty safe and had a pretty good view of their surroundings.
We had started at noon and got back just when there was alpenglow on Castle Mountain.
Bill and I are headed to Willow on Saturday for the Willow Winter Carnival bike race and hope to ride there for a couple of days and ride up the Yentna River.


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