Friday, March 13, 2009

350 mile race results 2009

Here are the final results for the 2009 race to McGrath in the 350.

Out of 45 racers that started with 25 rookies among them, 28 arrived in McGrath.
Looking at the race stats I just noticed that we had the exact number of starters and finishers in the last two years:45/28 that's a 62 % finishing rate.
Amazing, considering last year was possibly the best year as far as conditions and temperatures to McGrath and this year we had some of the worst conditions ever.

That really says something about the athletes that showed up for the race this year.
I think it is possibly the hardest year ever as far as the trail conditions to McGrath since the 350 mile race started in 1997.
But I wasn't out there on the trail until 2003 and have completed the race in 2005 and 2006 to McGrath and 2008 to Nome.
Bill has been on the trail every year in one form or another and finished 8 times to McGrath and once to Nome since 1998 and agrees that this year was definitely a tough one. Congrats to all of this year's racers that finished and made it over Rainy Pass in those conditions.
I will set up links to racers trail reports, Lou Kobin has already posted one on her blog spot

2009 results 350 mile

Jeff Oatley bike 5 days 19 hrs 34 min Winner

Tracey Petervary bike 6 days 5 hrs 28 min 2nd place, first woman

Jay Petervary bike 6 days 5 hours 28 min 2nd place

John Ross bike 6 days 5 hours 55 min 4th place

Peter Basinger ski 6 days 6 hours 15 min 5th place

Cory Smith ski 6 days 6 hours 55 min 6th place

Phil Hofstetter bike 6 days 7 hours 45 min 7th place

Alec Petro bike 6 days 9 hours 18 min 8th place

Ed Plumb ski 6 days 9 hours 53 min 9th place

Tim Hewitt foot 6 days 15 hours 10th place on to Nome

Tom Jarding foot 6 days 15 hours 10th place on to Nome

Louise Kobin bike 6 days 20 hrs 41 min 12th place

Eric Warkentin bike 6 days 20 hrs 41 min 12th place

Aidan Harding bike 6 days 21 hrs 49 min 14th place

Billy Koitzsch bike 6 days 21 hrs 49 min 15th place on to Nome

Eric Johnson foot 7 days 15 min 16th place

Todd Kasteler foot 7 days 1 hour 39 min 17th place

Rick Freeman foot 7 days 8 hours 18th place

Robert Struble foot 7 days 8 hours 18th place

Marco Berni foot 7 days 8 hours 50 min 20th place on to Nome

Bob Ostrom bike 8 days 6 hours 5 min 21 place

Frank McGuire bike 8 days 13 hours 22 place

Howard Cook foot 9 days 9 hours 40 min 23 place

Francesco Ghigliotti foot 9 days 9 hours 40 min 24th place

Savino Musicco foot 9 days 10 hours 25th place

Sean Grady bike 9 days 23h 25min 26th place

George Azarias bike 10 days 9 hrs 40 min 27th place

Roger Leavesley foot 10 days 12 hrs 30 min 28th place

Sunday, March 8, 2009

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The race is on...

The race started today, Sunday March 1 at 2:00 PM at Knik Lake. Check for latest news daily for the latest updates from the trail.