Monday, February 4, 2008

Cold Trails in Willow

Our friend Tony had invited us to his cabin in Willow. We spent the night there Saturday and planned to ride the 25 mile loop of the as part of the Willow Winter Carnival Sunday morning. Temperatures dropped to -25 below zero that night and our Hippie Van wouldn't start.
It is easy to tell where our priorities are when you look at our bikes and the vehicle we drive. After about 2,5 hours with the help of Tony's little generator to preheat the van and using jumpercables, we finally got it started. Most racers had taken off at 11:00 am. We rode the marked loop out across several lakes and on swamps and through the woods with temperatures staying between -15 F and -20 F all day. We met several racers on their return lef of the race. The Alaska Range with Foraker, Hunter and Denali was stunning from the Willow swamp in a distance. We met up at the community center with several other bikers before heading back home. Seems like Bill always wins the prize with the biggest icicle mustache.
Good times with good friends.


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