Monday, January 21, 2008

Warm Day in Palmer and more snow on the Iditarod Trail

It has warmed up in Southcentral Alaska.
Palmer and Wasilla received some significant amount of rain last night.
Chickaloon stayed below freezing and this morning we had 3 inches of fresh snow!
We had to run some errands in town ( Palmer/Wasilla) and what a mess on the streets it was there. I could hardly wait to get back to Chickaloon to our beautiful winter wonderland. Amazing we are just a little higher here and further up the Matanuska Valley and such a different weather system.
At this hour (10:00PM) it is still 44 F in Palmer. Those winds from Prince William Sound bring that warm air down the Knik River valley.
It is 28 F here in Chickaloon and a pretty moon reflecting in our fresh snow here.
Word from Denali Flying Service in Willow was that there were 2 feet of fresh snow at Shell Lake and a foot and half on the Yentna River.
With these warm temps the trails out of Knik and Point McKenzie should set up good. By Thursday there is a cooling trend in the forecast for Southcentral.
Here are some more pictures from past years at the Knik Glacier.
Hopefully we get to ride out there soon.


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