Wednesday, January 23, 2008

temperatures dropping rapidly

The latest warm spell was ugly but short. This afternoon it was 30 F here in Chickaloon, now at 8:30 PM it is already -6 F. I don't think I have seen such a significant change in that short of time.
I am exited to got out to Lake Louise tomorrow to do some riding in cold temperatures.
I checked with a lodge out there and they haven't gotten any significant snow. Bill and I hope to follow some of the Copper Basin 300 route a mushing race that happened last week. Snowbiking is new to trail users out there, but they have a large trail system with over 300 miles of groomed trails. It is about 80 miles from here on the way to Glennallen. We have never been there, but we are exited to see some new country and ride new trails.
I talked to Peter Schneiderheinze in McGrath today, he said they had a sprinkle of rain, but no significant snow and the temperatures were back well below 0 F.
From another trail report on Flathorn Lake and the Susitna River, it sounds like there is a bunch of overflow from the warm weather and rain, but with cold temps that should improve and be ok by next week. I hope we can go back out there by next week after some snowmachine traffic over the weekend and some time for the overflow to freeze back up.


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