Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Packing our Drops

After several trips to Palmer and Wasilla and one to Anchorage a few weeks ago, we have gathered all of our supplies and food for our own drops all the way to Nome.
Packing and labeling all the meals and supplies for 47 racers for our checkpoins in Puntilla and Rohn is tomorrow's chore.

We actually added up all the calories this year we have put into our drops for Fingerlake, Rohn and all the way to Nome in the Flatrate Boxes we ship to the villages along the route beyond McGrath.
Looked like a bomb went off in our one room cabin (16 x 24). The entire room was full of food and stuff.

Here is a list of our trail food:

42 dehydrated meals
with dehydrated butter 29.586 cal
12 packs of Salami: 18260 cal
26 pieces of cheese(8 0z): 22880 cal
1 large bag rice crackers: 7200 cal
36 almond joy bars: 7920 cal
24 reeses cups: 10080 cal
36 kitkat: 7560 cal
6 packs of smoked salmon: 9000 cal
6 large bags of M&M's: 39900 cal
2 large cans of cashews: 12920 cal
1 large bag of Gardetto's: 6750 cal
4 bags of little sausages: 6120 cal
Spices Cider Drink Mix: 1920 cal
1 can of Hot Chocolate: 4620 cal

Total: 191,050 cal

that's 4547 calories per person per day if we get to Nome in 21 days + about 2000 calories or more in the checkpoints, so we hope to consume about 6500 calories per day on the trail.
50% of those calories come from fat.
It is most likely that we will still loose weight consuming 3 times the normal amount of calories a person should eat.
Bill and I have both tried to gain some weight in the last few weeks.
Burning body fat is not the most efficient source of calories, but on those long trips in the cold,
it would be nearly impossible to eat enough to maintain bodyweight.
Starting the race with some body fat is a good idea if you don't want to burn muscle mass during a long expedition like the 1100 mile race to Nome.
Bill and I are what we call "big eaters" we do what we do because we like to eat.


Jill said...

Fascinating to see the food drops of people who really know what tastes good out there.

And a little terrifying that the only thing I'd agreed with you on is the Reeses cups.

Alaska Ultra Sport said...


The only one that knows what tastes good is you!
What's delicious to one person makes another sick.
As long as you can bite and chew it out there and it works for you it's fine.
We eat a high fat diet year round, so we are used to consuming large amounts of fat. It is one of the most calorie dense sources of energy and helps us avoid the bulk.
Not everyone can tolerate that much fat.
Good luck with your first Iditarod Trail Invitational.
Looking forward seeing you soon.


carl said...

Even with "hold for alaska ultrasport" written on the box im gone wager that some of our postal drops find their way to the iditarod check points.If its a sunday or post office afterhours the iditarod check points are always worth exploring in case they have them.
Thats my tip for the day :-)