Monday, November 18, 2013

Looking forward to the upcoming race on February 23 at 2:00 PM Knik Lake.

It has been a while. We have had a very busy summer guiding season in Alaska and Utah this fall, a total of 106 days guiding backpacking, rafting, kayaking in Alaska and mountain biking in Utah. Now is the time to shift our focus to the upcoming race on the Iditarod Trail. The 2014 race roster is stacked with a great field of veterans and very qualifies rookies and the roster has been full since May.
We have a new website thanks to Guy Jennings and Apula Design in South Africa. as well as a new race logo.

The race roster is found here:
2014 race roster
several racers have a link to their blog, check them out.
Canadian RJ Saur film maker is entered in the race. He filmed the race in 2001 "Thin White Line".

A great blog by race veteran and Nome resident with a 2013 race report by Phil Hofstetter.

Another great blogger and race veteran from the UK, Aidan Harding.

A great resource as well by race veteran and 6 time winner Pete Basinger.!stories/c61v

More stories and newspaper articles are found here on our old race page:

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Kathi M.

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