Sunday, March 8, 2009

Message Board

Please put your comments for racers here since our message board is down.



Kathryn said...

Congratulations Aidan and everyone else who's finished, we've been following progress avidly :)

Kathy and Dave

jenny said...

Looks like you're on your last leg of this race!!!!! (yeah!) I know you've heard this a bunch of times now...but you are truly amazing E!!! Its been a tough one this year eh?!!!! But you've pulled through it all like a champ!!!! I'll be thinking of you as i fly over Alaska in all its beauty... Cant wait to hear all the wonderful details of your journey!!!! Cheers to you my friend!

Ma Grady said...

Congratulations Sean on getting back into the race. I have been proud of you all your life. Your artistry, originality and creativity never cease to amaze me with your paintings and carvings. I am proud of your ethics and your courage in undertaking the many adventures you have including riding your bicycle across the US and moving to Alaska. But I am most proud of your "unscratching". Making it to station 4 under the weather conditions you experienced was success enough but you refused to give up and showed your determination to continue. I wish you every success in getting to each station and hopefully to McGrath. We are all cheering you and the others on.

Ma Grady said...

Congratulations to Sean and his riding/walking buddies on their successful completion of 210 miles. Only 140 more to go, guys! You can do this!!!!! Love Mom Grady

Ma Grady said...

Congrats to Sean who is now on the last 50 miles. Thanks for the email Sean. You relieved my worried mind. Love Mom