Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back from Nome

Bill and I just got back to Anchorage last night.
I will have to go through all of the many pictures I took and write up a report about my race to Nome.
It was an incredible journey and I am not sure if there is much out there to top it off.
I was asked where I had been on vacation because I am so tanned in my face.
It is maybe windburnt a bit, but I have no pains or aches, no blisters and have only lost about 4 pounds.
I am grateful that I was lucky with my body holding up and making the 25 day journey with hardly any physical issues.
I will post some pictures here for a little taste.
More will come soon...
I will do a full write up of the whole trip here soon.



carl said...

I`ll put aside an afternoon for the write up,ive a feeling it could be long.
They took down the web cam the day before you finished.

well done both of you.

Sucks to be off the trail doesnt it,well when you forget the hard times.

PatriciaB said...

Congratulations to both of you, Kathi and Bill. Kathi, your feat is beyond much could be said about it that I just don't know where to begin! One thing is sure- we can only thank both of you again and again for organizing such an awesome event and for setting such an example to all aspiring ultra cyclists.
I've felt so concerned about what was going on during the race that I gave almost daily reports of it on a French website (thanks to Dan's updates on the Iditarod Invitational website)'s the link, in case you are interested in reading about the Iditarod in French!!
Well, I'm really looking forward to reading your tale of these fabulous days out there.......

PatriciaB said...
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