Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday, December 23 2007

All is good here in Alaska. Kathi and I rode up the trail Friday night to Flathorn Lake to celebrate the longest night of the year. With the moon nearly full we hardly used our lights. We could use a little more snow but there is enough to smooth out the trail on the swamps and the creeks are all frozen. The trail is in from Nikolai to McGrath and word is there is good snow and ice all the way to Nome.
Some of you will soon be packing your drops. I want to remind everyone that only food, fuel, batteries and handwarmers are allowed in drop bags for Finger Lake and Rohn. All clothing and gear must be carried from the start in the McGrath race. Nome racers may send extra gear to McGrath by post. You are allowed 10lbs (4.5 kilos) per drop but please send only what you believe you will need. We can no longer dump food that is left in Rohn and what you do not take we have to fly out. We also must haul out what is left in Finger Lake. Nome racers should send only what they will carry from Cripple since there is no place to leave garbage or extra supplies. If you mail your drops please put them in bags inside the shipping boxes to make them easier to pack in the plane for delivery.
We hope training goes well for all and we look forward to you soon.
Bill and Kathi

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